We saw 2018 out in style at Soundart Radio on Sunday 16th December, not only did we have cakes and beer in the studio, we also managed to secure an incredible band called DEAD GROUND to come in and perform 3 live session tracks for us in our very own live lounge.

As well as Dead Ground, we had new material from Eliza Shaddad, Adrenaline Animals, Seafoam Tsunami, Jonah Hitchens, Pierre Roxon and many many more fab bands and artists.

You can listen to the whole show below;

We’ll be back in January, date to be confirmed but I think it’ll be the 20th, pencil it in on your calendars now and I’ll be uploading a video on my Facebook and Twitter pages to let you know who’s going to be on the playlist and give you more information as soon as I have the date confirmed.

I hope you have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year, see you in 2019!

AuthorSteve Muscutt