So, recently in an interview, Mick Jagger was asked why it has taken so long for The Rolling Stones to headline at Glastonbury Festival, he replied with "You know we’ve never been asked before,” though also goes on to talk about how he dislikes the commercial stance that large scale festivals take on advertising and marketing, "It’s not just Glastonbury," he said. "I don’t like the whole corporate festival thing. I’ve done V Festival with Pulp and as a solo artist and I hated every minute of it. It’s just nasty and not what I’m about – I want something a bit more free and organic”.

So, let’s take a step back and think about his words, Glastonbury Festival takes place at Michael Eavis’s farm every year, it houses approximately 150000 people from all walks of life but is safe to say that the target demographic for punters is 18-30. In 2011, the festival produced revenues of £32.2 million, corporate sponsorship, advertising and marketing was rife to capitalise on the fact that so many young, impressionable people were in one place for 3 whole days, filled to their back teeth with Somerset ale and nasty farmhouse scrumpy, would you call this ‘something a bit more free and organic’?

I can picture Mick and ‘Keef’ now, sat around their campfire (well, maybe a portable BBQ as camp fires have long since been deemed a health & safety issue at Glasto), shooting the shit, Keef noodling on his vintage Gibson guitar whilst Mick sings the blues, without a care in the world……or would it be more like them being holed up in a luxury Winnebago with a film crew from ABC, transmitting a 30 minute show to the globe via a lucrative Pay-per-View event on prime time TV sponsored by Krispy Kreme doughnuts? Maybe if he was pictured eating a bowl of organic lentils with some fair trade ‘Elderflower presse’ that would keep the masses happy that he has returned to his earthy roots?

“Keef, where’s Charlie?”, “I dunno man, the last time I saw him he was in cubicle 3 forcing out the remnants of last night’s 8 course French gastronomic feast, prepared by Jean Paul Froggy-Frog who we had helicoptered in from Paris just to cook for us…….er, I mean, the locally sourced alpaca burger in a hand prepared soft flour bun with accompanying freshly prepared garden salad, washed down with a flagon of mead….”

So, corporate marketing behemoths beware, don’t even attempt to contact the band's management as they’re just not that interested in jumping on the Glasto bandwagon and milking that cash cow whilst they can, sorry, what was that Mr Corporate Exec Marketing man? a £10 million deal with PEPSI to air a 15 minute rock-u-mentary of the guys getting ready to take to the stage as Mick walks past the camera clutching a can of Pepsi Max whilst saying “Pepsi gives me satisfaction baby…..” oh go on then !!!


AuthorSteve Muscutt