Gauntlet Hair have shared a new video for their single, ‘Human Nature,’ taken from their second album ‘Stills’ which is to be released on July 15th through Dead Oceans. 

The ominous clip features drummer Craig Nice and singer/guitarist Andy R. partying in a Chicago apartment while the storyline flashes back to seedy adventures. 
Directed by Ryan Ohm (Twin PeaksBrothers in Law), the video's dark imagery heightens the murky intensity of the track.
Ohm says, "We wanted to create a darker piece, utilizing locations all over the city of Chicago. Together, I think we created an atmospheric, eerie film that leaves the viewer with a strange sense of uncertainty, not sure how to feel. As DIY oriented filmmakers we embraced the guerilla shooting style, venturing quickly from one location to the next, shooting on the subway on the sly, and digging the adventure the whole time."
Gauntlet Hair's second album, Stills, will be released July 15 on Dead Oceans. Recorded during Portland, Oregon's grey winter days in producer Jacob Portrait's (Unknown Mortal Orchestra) appropriately named studio "The Cave," the album reveals Gauntlet Hair's guileless affection for the goth industrialists and post-punks who blazed a shadowy path through the 80s and 90s. 
After moving back to their hometown of Chicago last year, Craig and Andy looked to their teenaged selves for inspiration. "I started listening again to the stuff I would have in my discman in the back of my mom's car," says Nice. "White Zombie, Marilyn Manson — the production on those records is so amazing. Nothing sounds like that anymore." 
Mining that nostalgia has proved effective and the result is that Stills is a garden of dark delights.


AuthorSteve Muscutt