Delooze – ‘Lost Army’

Giant Haystacks/Label Fandango

Out 1st July

Launch: 3rd July @ Islington Assembly Hall – see for details here 

The Line of Best Fit

"Infectious tonic of crunchy, industrial instrumental sections and pop diva vocal hooks... a glorious, gothic-pop gem."

The 405

"The wheels are starting to turn for her and her band."

The Tipping Point

"A very exciting proposition indeed..."

Lost Army, the third single (first from debut album) by the idiosyncratic DeLooze, is as fierce as it is sophisticated. Potent vocal lines pierce through crunching guitar rhythms, menacing drums patterns and alarming electronics before the line “How do you command armies?” hints at the fragility behind the visceral. 

Casting an enigmatic and powerful figure Stacey DeLooze fronts the collective, fusing together deep electronics with rock and classical instrumentation to create a dark and brooding take on dramatically charged power pop that has created a wave of much deserved hype.

Drawing on Edith Piaf, Kate Bush, Siouxsie Sioux, Bowie, Michael Jackson and Thom Yorke through to electronic pioneers such as Nicolas Jaar and Trentemoller as key influences, 'Lost Army' remains current in its production with intelligent electronic sounds whilst also carrying a sense of timelessness.

Taking aim with such visions musically formulates a sound that calls on Zola Jesus or a Bat for Lashes with an injection of vigor, and as you might expect from an act that draws inspiration from legendary performers above, DeLooze’s shows are always spectacular. With a mantra centered on showcasing much of the arts under one roof, they seek to give their audience an experience that will appeal to all the senses with the element of unpredictability being particularly important.

Honing this desire has sparked a lively buzz on the live circuit, their last show at Electrowerks (300+ capacity) a comfortable sell out, and with their current single coming out on Fierce Panda imprint Giant Haystacks they continue to gain momentum towards the debut album. 

Despite having a deliberately fresh online profile, DeLooze’s last single made the download round ups in The Times and The Guardian and was championed by widely on 6 Music. They also have a rapidly growing European fan-base following performances this April at Tallinn Music Week in Estonia.

This will be a big year for an act with huge ambition, orchestrated by their diligent front-woman Stacey DeLooze. From scratch, she’s managed to craft a debut album which includes Chris Hayden, Cedric Lemoyne, and Mercury nominated Liran Donin, musicians featured across Florence and the Machine and Alanis Morissette’s albums, and mixed by Mikko Gordon (currently working on Atoms for Piece). In addition, the video to accompany Lost Army was directed by Anthony Furlong who was a leading figure in the creation of the Avatar movies.

To pull in such a pool of talent on a nothing budget demonstrates the fire that surrounds this extremely dynamic release, and no doubt the delivery will showcase its brilliance. 

 ‘Call to Action’

DeLooze has a fast growing ‘GLASS ARMY’ that she has created an online presence for. 

#jointhemarch began to take shape in April after performances at Tallinn Music Week. Since then people in many different territories around the world have ‘signed up as Glass Army soldiers' and uploaded pictures of them wearing DeLooze's badge in support of the project.

Get involved: Head over to DeLooze’s facebook page see what the fuss is about. 


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AuthorSteve Muscutt