TRIGGER EFFECT - free download track 'X: He Knows Now'

New album ‘What’s Left To Eliminate?’ out now

(Dry Heave Records)  |

Trigger Effect’s monumental new album ‘What’s Left To Eliminate?’ will be their first to be released in the UK. It's out now through UK indie label Dry Heave, but you can get a free taster as the band have made 'X: He Knows Now' available for free download here. Trigger Effect will also hitting these shores this week for some live maelstrom.

With a sound falling somewhere between the thunderous melody of The Bronx, mixed with the technical discordance of Refused, the rock n’roll fury of Zeke, all delivered with the ferocity of Black Flag, their non-stop, chaos-filled sets have built them a reputation as one of the most explosive live bands on the scene. To date the band has owned 4 vans, had 1 stolen, released 5 pieces of vinyl on many different labels around the world and played more than 600 shows and festivals with more bands in more countries/states/provinces than can be listed here. The boys of Trigger Effect are now the men of Trigger Effect and as always the Turbo Machine does not die.  

'XI: That Vital Force' MUSIC VIDEO -


AuthorSteve Muscutt