‘Burning Boy’ is the debut solo album from one of Australia’s leading left field composers, Joe McKee, set for release in the UK on Big Ship on 1st July 2013. The album is a culmination of travelling the world honing his new musical identity and finding his voice on his own after his previous critically acclaimed outfit Snowman disbanded. 

Snowman quickly gained cult status from all corners of the globe with critics and fans alike. They released two albums out of their native Australia, 2006’s self titled effort and 2009’s violent masterpiece, ‘The Horse, The Rat & The Swan’ of which Pitchfork said it was “practically biblical in the way it strikes you with one hand while pulling you closer with the other.”

You can now share the first single from the album, 'Darling Hills' from the Big Ship SoundCloud HERE

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AuthorSteve Muscutt