Steve Strange releases the new Visage album ‘Hearts and Knives’ soon. Steve was the original New Romantic vocalist of Visage and is synonymous with one of the most flamboyant images, he defined and inspired an era!

Visage are set to perform in Cardiff at The Glee Club on Sunday 21st July.

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Steve is a figure head that not only created a legend with the masterminding of the Blitz Club and its pioneering acts such as Spandau Ballet.  The Blitz Club became the most marvelous collection of the weird and wonderful people but also birthplace of bands, styles and fashions of the 80s. Steve appeared in David Bowies video “Ashes to Ashes” an appearance which helped propel the New Romantic look into the mainstream. Steve formed Visage with Midge Ure and Rusty Egan (the pair where band mates from “The Rich Kids”) in 1978. As the public face of the band Steve shot to stardom throughout Europe as Visage enjoyed a series of hit singles. In 1984 with Visage on hold Steve retu rned to hosting club nights (such as Club For Heroes and the Camden Palace).

Founding fathers of the New Romantics and pioneers of the 80s sound Visage, return with a new album “Hearts And Knives” Nearly 30 years on since their last album.

For more information please visit the Visage Website for further details and high res images

AuthorSteve Muscutt