24 year old London-based, German-born electronic producer Ludwig Amadeus announces the release of his latest single “The Breeze” on self-owned label Size 9 Records featuring vocals from up-and-coming Sussex based singer Catherine Kubillus.

Following up the success of his past self-released singles “God Only Knows My Shoe Size”, “Don’t Wanna Feel This” and “I’ve Been Up” - all of which gained airtime on Radio 1, XFM, Kiss, NME Radio and Ministry of Sound as well as a ground-swell of support from regional stations across the country - Ludwig Amadeus returns with another slice of irrepressibly catchy laid back summer soul reminiscent of Marlena Shaw’s California Soul.

Ludwig himself admits that “The Breeze” is a personal favourite:

The Breeze” is one of those rare tracks where I can separate myself from it entirely and just sit down and enjoy it objectively. To my ears it’s so good that I don’t honestly care what anyone else thinks of it, I’ve put my heart and soul into this one and after much patience, persistence and far too much money spent it’s at a point where I feel it’s perfect, that’s a rare event for me but one that I’ll savor for a long time to come”

Ludwig Amadeus sees a definite progression from each single to the next and “The Breeze” - with its minimalistic philosophy and video looks set to propel Ludwig Amadeus to giddy new heights.

Performances on the track come from some of the UK’s best established jazz musicians:

Drums from Nick Woodmansey of Emanative (Brownswood Recordings)

Piano/Keys from Geoff Woolley

Guitars and Bass from Martin Smith (Universal)

Christian Howes Symphony Orchestra

Ludwig Amadeus Official Site: www.ludwigamadeus.bandcamp.com

AuthorSteve Muscutt