On September 9th, 2013, Sub Pop will have the great pleasure of releasing Obits’ 3rd album, Bed & Bugs, on CD, DL and LP. The 13-track album, featuring highlights “It’s Sick,” “Taste the Diff,” and “Receptor,”  was recorded and mixed in an undisclosed location in Arlington, VA by Nikhil Ranade with additional mixing by Eli Janney and Geoff Sanoff.   

Much like their previous albums ‘I Blame You’ and ‘Moody Standard and Poor,’ ‘Bed & Bugs’ is a master class of guitar tone and groove, punctuated by Rick Froberg’s unmistakeable signature snarl. Sohrab Habibion’s more considered vocal offerings turn up on ‘Machines,’ the album’s hypnotic slow jam. And, Bed & Bugs is the first album featuring new drummer Alexis Fleisig. Obits’ musical talents, exercised and sharpened long before the band’s inception, shine on Bed & Bugs in an exciting new demonstration of their uncompromised musicianship.

You can now preorder Obits Bed & Bugs from subpop.com While supplies last, orders of the CD and LP will receive a free, limited-edition 7” single featuring live versions of “Refund” (previous 7") and “Talking to the Dog” (from I Blame You) on the A-side with “New August” (from Moody, Standard and Poor) on the B-side. The tracks were recorded while on tour August 2012 at Red 7 in Austin, Texas. 3 brand new Obits t-shirts are also available now.

Bed & Bugs will be available as a limited Loser Edition coloured version of the LP from SubPop.com and at Obits' shows.

See Below for Tracklisting

Obits, starring:

Greg Simpson as The Bass Player

Rick Froberg as The Guitarist and Singer

Sohrab Habibion also as The Guitarist and Singer

Alexis Fleisig as The Drummer

(except for the song “Besetchet,” whereon Scott Gursky appears as The Drummer)


01. Taste the Diff

02. Spun Out

03. It’s Sick

04. This Must Be Done

05. Pet Trust

06. Besetchet

07. Operation Bikini

08. Malpractice

09. This Girls Opinion

10. Receptor

11. I’m Closing In

12. Machines

13. Double Jeopardy (For the Third Time)

AuthorSteve Muscutt