In August I'm going to finally be doing these house concerts that I've been wanting do for ages. For those of you not familiar with house concerts this is how it works. You invite as many friends as you can comfortably fit into one room of your house or garden. (for me the more the merrier - have people sitting on windowsills, on top of the TV etc) Ideally these will be your music loving friends rather than the ones who like to talk about their iPhones etc. I'll play my songs and we'll all have a good time.

I'm not going to charge a lot for these gigs. And its entirely up to you whether you sell tickets to your friends or you can pay me out of your own pocket. I don't mind! So if you're up for it please get in touch and we'll talk more! Also if you've got any questions please ask!

And lastly please let me know where you are, and what dates you can't do in August. This makes it easy to plan my route!

Looking forward to it,
All the best

AuthorSteve Muscutt