Well folks, the World Cup is nearly over, just 4 teams left, may the best team win.... it's been quite dry and warm this week, let's hope it carries on into the remainder of July prior to turning nasty and wet for the remainder of the summer....we can only hope!

We have 18 tracks for you on the show from 15 spankingly hot acts, the 3 from 1 feature focuses on the three killer tracks from a superb band called The King Blues.

You'll find the playlist below complete with the timings, I would of course suggest to everyone that they play it from start to finish to ensure that they are getting the complete experience!

The Silence – The Fire 01:26

Thief – Closer (Acoustic) 04:46

Jeremy Neale – Lone Tiger 09:16

Falls – Dirtbox EP 12:59

Florida Room – Other Lives 16:33

The Honey Ants - Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle 20:00

The King Blues – Set the World on Fire 24:24

Douga – Kids of Tomorrow 27:43

Crowns – The Town 33:01

Cutty’s Gym – Bad Guy 36:58

Allie X – Bitch 40:16

Nina Baker – Bruising 43:52

The King Blues – Headbutt 47:49

Urban Prophecies – We Felt the Earth Move 52:24

Andreas S Jensen - Take My Heart and Go 56:05

The Last Battle – Cocoons 59:50

Franco and the Dreadnought – Platt Fields 01:03:45

The King Blues – Does Anybody Care About Us 01:07:33

AuthorSteve Muscutt