The primary driver behind musomuso was to create a place where we could work with bands and artists who needed some assistance in getting their music heard by a wider audience. Social media is a wonderful thing but just look at the amount of bands out there already! what chance do you stand in today's climate without some assistance? this is exactly where we step in to help out.


We primarily work with people all over the UK, these might be Bands, Solo Artists, Managers, Promoters, PR Companies, Venues or Festivals to make sure that their gigs and events reach as many people as possible. We do this by offering a bespoke package which includes the following options;


Introducing Feature - This is a great way of telling people about YOU. We create questions for you to answer, embed YouTube video and audio links directly into the feature allowing people to get a good feel of your music and style, we also links to ALL of your social media, think of it as a one-stop-shop for your act or band, like a musical CV or 'Electronic Press Kit'.

Music Reviews - We have a team of people on hand to listen to your music and provide honest reviews which are then made publicly available via the site.

Live Reviews - Playing a show? Want to get a few more people interested? well why not let us attend and create a quality piece on your performance, we take into account loads of factors and make sure that the live review reaches as many people as possible.

Photography - Whether it be shots of you doing what you do best on stage or an organised photoshoot to create professional images that you can use for promotional purposes or as lead shots for your website or social media. We have access to a number of professional photographers who have been shooting bands for years and we'd be more than happy to discuss your requirements further. 


So there you go, that's a bit about what we do NOW but how did musomuso get to where it is today? if you're sitting comfortably, I will tell you....


The idea for musomuso was born in the summer of 2009, I had recently been made redundant from my job and owing to the nature of work I was doing, found myself on 'gardening leave' for 6 months. It didn't take long before I was climbing the walls, I think it was a case of wanting to have something to wake up for every day, a purpose if you like and at this time, I had nothing.....too much play and not enough work makes Steve a bad boy!


In-between odd jobs and housework, I found some time to sit down with a very talented web developer friend of mine who worked tirelessly with me over a 6 week period to create the bones of what would one day become the site you see today. There were many iterations of the site and also a few different name changes, initially, we create '' which I'm sure you'll agree doesn't roll off the tongue very well. This morphed into '' which was a lot better (and ended up being the name for nearly 5 years. We recently had a sit down and discussed re-branding the site, a new logo, a new name (new t-shirts and business cards too!) and we settled on '', I was holding out for '' but this was registered to a US based anti-piracy company who didn't look like they were shutting up shop anytime soon!


We have worked with a multitude of PR Companies all over the UK, promoting and supporting acts all over the world. We've covered so many live shows in the past 9 years, I'd shudder to think which bands we have seen, I think it would be easier to list the ones we HAVEN'T seen! We have built up a solid reputation with Promoters, Venues and Festivals as one of THE BEST music promotion sites in the country and continue to cast our nets wider to work with a more eclectic range of acts.


We're a passionate bunch of people here at musomuso, we LOVE what we do and we want you to LOVE what we could do for you or your band. For more information, please get in touch by email ( or click the 'Contact' section on the front page and drop us a line from there. We will be more than happy to discuss a package that suits your budget and provides you with something that you can use to get more live shows and sell more of those T-Shirts that you had printed 3 years ago and have been sitting in your Nan's garage ever since!


Steve Muscutt

Managing Editor