Following the release of two critically acclaimed albums, ROBINSON has spent the last 18 months working his craft in Southern California. Hanging out with Patrick Leonard (Leonard Cohen, Madonna) and getting mixes from the likes of David Kahne (McCartney, Lana Del Rey), ROBINSON has tapped into the very soul of Americana.

Bathed in the optimistic sunshine, he was soon busking to the Botox of Hollywood as he slipped onto the sidewalks like one of Bukowski’s best. Here the Angelenos did not care.

Here they were high on the pathos and the chaos that is part of this great illusion.

And Robinson absorbed it all. He set about writing with a new hint of optimism yet still based around his Gypsy tinged beats.

The result is his most cohesive work yet. With a more refined direction, and an earthier feel - the new record of 10 songs recorded in 10 days reflects a mature, stronger and more confident Robinson, yet still wrapped in delicious melodies and twisted tales.

His finest work yet, the album, THE WILLAMINA MACHINE will be released late July 2013, preceded by the single WAITING on CINDERELLA which will be out on the 15th of July

Waiting On Cinderella
Palawan Productions Ltd
AuthorSteve Muscutt