This week we have some great acts for you, 23 tracks on the playlist and a rip roaring '3 from 1' feature where we take a look back at classic alternative UK rock band MUSE.  


Another Dead Clown - Spenser’s Bad News

Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?

I, The Writer - Standing Brave

Bombadil - Escalators

Busayo - Don’t Let Me Go

Kingcrawlers - Ride on Cowboy

Top Buzzer - She’s Red

Muse - Uno

Josef Salvat – Hustler (Sanebeats Remix)

Stubborn Heart - Penetrate

Midnight Juggernauts - HCL

Acid Washed - For Your Eyes Only

Tracey Browne – Kate Rusby

Muse – Hate This and I’ll Love You

Caitlin Rose - Pink Champagne

Beyond the State - Revolution

King Kartel - Not Done Fighting

Matt Pond  - Hole in My Heart

Muse - Showbiz

Paul Simon – Graceland

Emma Stevens – A Place Called You

Gaoler's Daughter - Cuddling a cigarette

James Bay – Move Together

AuthorSteve Muscutt